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Cornell Slope Day 2000
Da hot sh!t went down here at Cornell - May 5th, 2000!!

Check it out yo - Maaaad Black people here just drinkin, mackin,
smokin, strollin, skeezin - or whateva!

4 of Cornell's AKA's - all Spr'99.

My PEOPLEZ - West Side Nia, Mo, Knoel, Trini  Aisha, & Me!

Here is dancer gyul Ekua, Mo, Trini Aisha and drunk azz Gary up top! =p

Kappas and Sigma Gamma Rho's

More Kappas, More Sigma Gamma Rho's....

Our 2 new Sigmas - Sprg 2000- Greg & Andy..

2 NSBE heads - Camille & Jessica.

Me & Jamdown Stacy & Trini Leana.

2 of the most important people in my life - Arthur and Allison

Mike & Arthur - EDUCATED Brick City thugs nah mean!!!